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Born : 21-12-1946, Rijswijk (The Netherlands).

Jan was born into a strict Calvinist community.

Education: 1964 - 1976, Wageningen Agricultural

University (NL); Phd in Microbioligy

Career: Agricultural researcher in Mali, West Africa and

agricultural instructor, Sumba, Indonesia.

After returning to The Netherlands Jan became active in

the field of visual arts. Both his religious education and life

in Africa and Indonesia profoundly influenced his creative

work. This has given rise to themes exploring relationships,

body and mind, feminimity and masculinity, chaos and

structure. Through a variety of media these subjects are

investigated and expressed at an elementary, mythical level.

Jan divides his time between a studio at his home in Vught

and the Grafic Workshop in ‘s Hertogenbosch, where he has

worked for many years. (www.gadenbosch.nl

Exhibitions : Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch



                   Lambertus Church Vught         


                   Kruithuis Den Bosch


                   Gallerie art@deboo


                   (Apeldoorns cenrtum voor eigentijdese cultuur)

Video documentation : “Collographic Printing”, 2012

( ‘Kartondruk’ - A film produced by ©Sander Dorenbosch )


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> 2006  Grundlagen

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> 2011  Graphos biennale : Grafiek onbegrensd

> 2013  Omzichtig (14 april t/m 19 mei)

> 2014  Graphos (18 december 2013 t/m 19 januari 2014)

collograph, 2006